At LCC NetCom, we provide and install reliable wireless or wired CCTV solutions. Besides live monitoring, the video and audio can be recorded digitally for easy storage and viewing.

Users can log in to the cameras via the Internet to see exactly what the cameras see. Users can also be alerted if there is unusual movement in the vicinity monitored by the cameras.

Our team of CCTV specialists will assist you with new installations, maintenance, and support as well as upgrades to your existing CCTV systems. Our services are as follows:

  • Whole range of CCTV products – from indoor to outdoor, from day monitoring tonight monitoring, from home to office
  • Planning, designing, and installation of Analogue or Digital CCTV system
  • Maintenance, service, and support contracts for new CCTV system
  • Upgrade or expand your existing CCTV system