Backed by four years of research, and two patent pending technologies, Robotiz3d is developing a game-changing solution that will see autonomous robots with artificial intelligence patrolling roads, identifying and repairing cracks and potholes.
The revolutionary solution will not only autonomously identify and localise potholes, but also characterise their geometry and collect measurements on the go. The ability to automatically deposit sealing material, fixing smaller cracks before they evolve into potholes, is also a first. These innovative features, coupled with a unique prediction algorithm to help prioritise work schedules, are anticipated to improve the safety and lifespan of road networks, make maintenance tasks pandemic-resilient, and contribute to the reduction in cost, fuel consumption, GHG emission, and tyre waste.

Robotiz3d ARRES EYE: Road Maintenance Just Got Smarter

The ARRES EYE is a new scanner that puts real-time road condition data within easy reach. It accurately identifies and categorises faults on your roads and highways, from minor cracks to established potholes. By combining powerful laser scan technology with industry-leading Machine Learning software, the ARRES EYE provides an instant, accurate, and detailed real-time assessment of road conditions. The EYE has been developed to support those responsible for road maintenance by providing comprehensive, accessible, high-quality data that can easily be utilised to ensure that limited resources are directed most effectively.


The ARRES EYE is the first step on Robotiz3d’s wider journey to help deliver proactive, efficient, and sustainable road repairs.

With a simple setup and access to our expert support team, the ARRES EYE can be fitted to a vehicle and be fully operational in minutes, scanning every road it drives down and assessing the condition of the road surface. This gives you an unparalleled picture of the state of your roads and highways with regular, concise reports.

How it works: Fit, Scan, Analyse, Share

Although the pioneering technology behind the ARRES EYE is cutting edge, we have designed our product to be robust, intuitive, and to work straight out of the box, with a simple four-step process:


The unit can be attached to a vehicle such as a van or refuse lorry and connected to our servers and cloud-based software in less than half an hour by an unskilled worker.


Straight out of the box, our unit is ready to start assessing your roads. As the vehicle travels, the unit uses a state-of-the-art laser to continuously track and record the road surface, pinpointing every fault using laser-scan and GPS technology.


ARRES EYE identifies the size and shape of any potholes and cracks in the road surface. It is then able to rank these identified faults by severity, as well as fusing this analysis with weather and traffic data to power our unique predictive model.


Our platform then provides crystal clear, concise, and consistent reports that will be able to map the precise location of faults, rank their severity, and make recommendations about the order of repair. It will even give you an estimate of the amount of materials required to fix each one.

This level of road condition data is far beyond anything else which is currently available on the market. Our users will be able to see maps of their local area, pinpointing and categorising faults, allowing more effective planning of ongoing maintenance work.