Administrators typically perform a wide variety of maintenance tasks, including backing up data, archiving old data, cleaning up shared drives, updating and patching software and various other chores, all in an effort to keep their networks running smoothly and employees working productively. But what about the infrastructure on which the network resides? What kinds of preventive maintenance should you perform on the basic cabling infrastructure of the network? When do you know if it’s time to replace it and/or the switches that support it?

LCC NetCom can offer maintenance contracts from your cabling infrastructure to your network switches. Our team of qualified technicians can provide the following services:

  • Auditing your network infrastructure with recommendations
  • Housekeeping your wiring closets
  • Random testing on your cables with provision of test results
  • Provision of documentation for add-ons & changes
  • Configuration and maintenance of switches
  • Routine maintenance for uninterruptible power supply

Our objective is to enable the customer to know the condition of the equipment and to take the necessary action before any major breakdown can occur.

Take proactive steps to anticipate problem. Call us. Leave your Network Maintenance to LCC.